GHK-CU|CAS 89030-95-5

【Usage】Copper tripeptide (GHK-Cu) can be used as a skin antiaging agent. It could lead to the extracellular matrix accumulation increases in the rat wound model. Copper Peptide preparations were able to promote wound healing rates in diabetic ulcers and patients undergoing Mohs surgery. 




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CAS No.CAS 89030-95-5
Chemical Name:GHK-CU
Synonyms:[N2-(N-Glycyl-L-histidyl)-L-lysinato(2-)]copper;Ghk-Cu/AHK-CU;Copper tripeptide (GHK-Cu);Prezatide copper,[N2-(N-Glycyl-L-histidyl)-L-lysinato(2-)]copper;tripeptide/GHK-Cu;Copper peptide, GHK-Cu, Copper tripeptide-1;GHK Copper;GHK.CU.HAC
Molecular Formula:C14H21CuN6O4
storage temp:Store at -20°C

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